Faith, Family, Food

Spending 20 years in the retail sector, Mimi Leonard developed an affinity for customer service and an appreciation for the people and the bonds created. Upon moving to the Leeds area in 2012, with its small town feel, it became more evident to me how important the bond amongst community and family is "what makes the world turn." Being a big believer in family, and giving back to the community, I knew it was time to create a legacy for my two boys and establish our roots in Leeds, Alabama.

It is known worldwide that "Food is the key to the soul". I ventured out on faith in 2019 to make my footprint in Leeds, Alabama and begin to feeds souls! Everything me and my boys do at Frozen Rooster is to establish a footprint that nourishes the soul, the enjoyment of family, and the good ole' pleasure of enjoying tasty treats!

I have always wanted a place where I could tie my three greatest passions: Faith, Family, and Food! We have a staff that is committed to being right by each other and our customers! You can taste our commitment in every bite!